Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Torture in Tibet in the 21st Century
Above, Palden Gyatso Tibetan Monk who spent 33 years in Chinese detention and hard labour camps.

What you see below are real accounts of atrocities aginst innocent Tibetans under the Chinese regime. On returning to the UK in Aug 2010 from India following many months in the Tibetan community, I was shocked at how little is known about the Tibetan situation in China. This blog is to raise awareness about what is happening and also to give Tibetans a chance to tell their stories or leave comments. All the world leaders know whats going on but they choose to cover their ears and eyes, why? because China is financially beneficial to world economy. It seems that this is allowed to go on because of money but we have a chance to stop it now!

Young Tibetan man after being tortured to death by Chinese regime.

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